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A linux and open source software engineer

AutoFS and LibreOffice

So I noticed LibreOffice had started to end up …crawling… to do anything Looking at the wchan of the PID for libre – its autofs! – Just something to watch out for!

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Wildcard SSH Configuration

I’ve just discovered that you can use wildcards in the local ssh user configuration (~/.ssh/config) host vm-* User virtual-machine-user ForwardX11 yes host board* User root This lets me configure all my ssh access in a very short configuration. My virtual … Continue reading

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Ubuntu-14.04 and GnomeShell

If you’re a fan of Gnome Shell, and you use it in place of Unity on Ubuntu – you might find that when you update to the latest Ubuntu LTS, your control centre informs you that you are on the … Continue reading

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Moving Windows

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time… Its funny how it takes just a few minutes to put some google-foo to the test, and come up with the answer – and yet I have probably spent years wanting … Continue reading

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My HalfKeyboard implementation

xHK – An Xlib halfkeyboard implementation Earlier this year, I had an operation on my right elbow to remove some bone fragments. These were remaining from an accident in my teenage years – but had started to cause me some … Continue reading

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Linux and Open Source Software Engineer

I’m (The) Kieran Bingham. A software engineer with an interest (perhaps lets call this a bias) towards Linux and Open Source software, and I have been working on consumer grade products in the industry for more than 8 years professionally. I … Continue reading

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