Ubuntu-14.04 and GnomeShell

If you’re a fan of Gnome Shell, and you use it in place of Unity on Ubuntu – you might find that when you update to the latest Ubuntu LTS, your control centre informs you that you are on the previous version.

This puzzled me – so I had a quick poke around to find out if my update had failed, and I really was still on the old version. – It turns out the upgrade worked fine

Ubuntu 13.10 or Ubuntu 14.04 LTS - You decide

Ubuntu 13.10 or Ubuntu 14.04 LTS – You decide

There’s a bug open for this on Launch pad so I’m sure this will be looked into, but my analysis is that there are two clones of the control centre in Ubuntu 14.04 with Gnome Shell.

unity-control-center and gnome-control-center and of course its the gnome-control-center which hasn’t been updated. Of course they wouldn’t need to would they… because everyone runs Unity …. :(

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